Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dig Of The Week

The Future "nuclear holocaust" 12" 1984 Mirage Records dmd-745
Classic and very scarce electro giant from 1984. Has all of the classic Reagan-era electro hallmarks: dark, fearful, with the feel of impending doom. This was a period in history when I and many of my friends felt as though things could go off at any time. Electro beats seemed the perfect soundtrack to armageddon. I have been searching for this gear for many, many years, and to find an unplayed copy is all the better!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obligatory Best of 2012 List

Obviously the most played out list of any music fan is the "Best Of..." list. Whether it's a list of our favorite records of a particular year or our favorite Johnny Cash songs, many of us feel the need to publicly reveal our favorites. I think we all hope to inspire someone to check out a particular item, or in reading somene else's list to be equally inspired to explore. With that in mind here are my favorite records of 2012.

  1. Burial- "kindred" 12" on Hyperdub
  2. Rocket Juice & The Moon- S/T lp on Honest Jon's
  3. Various- Eat The Dream: Gnawa Music from Essaouira lp on Sublime Frequencies
  4. Cult Percussion Ensemble- S/T lp reissued by Trunk Records
  5. Alfonso Lovo- La Gigantona lp reissued by Numero
  6. Dead Can Dance- Anastasis lp on Anti
  7. Tame Impala- Lonerism lp on Modular Recordings
  8. Flying Lotus- Until The Quiet Comes lp on Warp
  9. Ondatropica- S/T lp on Soundway
  10. Robert Glasper Experiment- Black Radio lp on Blue Note
  11. Bob Dylan- Tempest lp on Columbia
  12. The Pyramids- Otherworldly lp on Disko-B
  13. Tim Maia- The Existential Soul of Tim Maia lp on Luaka Bop
  14. Burial- "truant" 12" on Hyperdub
  15. David Cain- The Seasons lp reissued by Trunk Records
So, ther you have it, my obligatory list of my favorite records of 2012. I hope you all find something of interest on it....Until next year...